Tantric Buddhism is renowned for the mystical rituals, including sexual rituals (Melton 2009: 1047)

Tantric Buddhism is renowned for the mystical rituals, including sexual rituals (Melton 2009: 1047)

Synod: A formal appointment of ministers or any other members of the newest Religious chapel. It label can also reference a connection out of church buildings, for instance the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (Smith and Eco-friendly 1995: 1044).

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Taliban: Islamic militants who have been competed in Pakistani refugee camps within the Russo-Afghan conflict. The latest Taliban got command over Afghanistan regarding middle-90s and you can turned into it into good theocratic condition significantly less than Mullah Muhammad O given that state is taking safeguards and coverage so you can Osama container Packed and you will al-Qaeda (Prothero 2008: 285).

Talmud: A text away from commentary and life complementing the new Torah or other Old testament site. There are two Talmuds: the very first is called the Talmud of your own House regarding Israel, and you can are completed in Israel ranging from eight hundred-500 Ce. The second is known as Talmud regarding Babylonia, and was complete around 600 Le from inside the introduce-go out Iraq (Smith and you may Eco-friendly 1995: 1048).

Tension: A phrase dealing with the level of distinctiveness, separation and you may antagonism on relationship between a spiritual class and the brand new “outside” world (Stark and you can Finke 2000: 281)

Tantra: An enthusiastic mystical traditions preferred so you’re able to one another Hinduism and you will Buddhism (come across Tantric Buddhism). It have a tendency to defies status and you can gender orthopraxy, which is thought to cause nirvana shorter (Esposito ainsi que al. 2012b: G-11).

Tantric (Vajrayana) Buddhism: A form of Buddhism that combines components of the newest Theravadan culture while the Mahayanan customs according to the belief you to things are penetrated by just one stamina (Shakti) coming regarding Jesus. They originated from India around the 5th century Le. It manifests alone in three ways: positive male, bad feminine, and connection of the two.

Taoism: Among the CrГ©ditos flirt three “Higher Lessons out-of Asia,” as well as Buddhism and you will Confucianism. Lao-tzu (570-490 BCE) mainly based Taoism, while you are Chuang Tzu (370-290 BCE) after that cutting-edge it inside the Asia. They seen Confucianism since an empty selection of traditions, and you can supported worry about-cultivation by way of naturalness and you may sense of humor. This can be called “philosophical Taoism,” in lieu of “religious Taoism,” that is an after setting that emphasizes real immortality because of reflection and you may slimming down techniques (Prothero 2008: 286).

Televangelism: The application of television to coach people on the Christianity. Well-recognized televangelists are Tap Robertson, Jerry Falwell and Benny Hinn. Brand new Christian Sending out Circle (CBN) was a good example of a beneficial Christian television station useful brand new purposes of televangelists. For how questionnaire scientists data televangelism, click on this link.

Televangelist: A great preacher which partcipates in televangelism (we.e., looking on television in order to preach Christianity). Examples include Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and you can Benny Hinn.

Temperance: Just the right command over your wants and one of one’s four cardinal virtues on Catholic customs. It has been on the abstaining regarding alcoholic beverages (look for Temperance Movement) (McBrien ).

Temperance Movement: A century-enough time work, beginning in this new 19th century, so you’re able to denounce alcohol consumption in the us. Of many temperance groups, like the Western Temperance Neighborhood (est. 1826) and you can Ladies Religious Temperance Commitment (est. ), had direct connections to Protestantism and you may Christian think. Seven of the 16 creators of the American temperance People was indeed clergyman. The brand new temperance direction more sluggish elizabeth much more unpopular (Reid mais aussi al 1990).

Temple: Spiritual structures to have routine points and social praise (pick as well as Synagogue to own Jews). He’s identified during the Judaism, Mormonism, Hinduism, and you may Buddhism. There in addition to stayed temples inside the Mesopotamia, ancient Greece, and you can ancient Rome (Smith and Green 1995: 1059-1062).

Ten Commandments (Decalogue): Religious and moral laws and regulations provided to Moses of the Jesus towards the Attach Sinai. It tale is situated in brand new Hebrew Bible (Old testament) guides out-of Exodus and you may Deuteronomy. The new Ten Commandments start off with debt to the Jesus and you will stop with obligations for the each other. You will find Catholic, Protestant, and you will Jewish variations of those laws and regulations (Prothero 2008: 190).